Transnational project meeting e-VET4AI – September 2022
Last 14th of September, the e-VET4AI partnership met in person for the first time at Zarautz, Basque country, in the Second transnational Meeting of the project, organized by HETEL.
Thanks to this meeting, the partnership discussed in person the status of the project and the two first project results, which will create the e-VET Self-Assessment Tool (e-VET SAT) for Digital Proficiency and the e-VETrainers Platform and App respectively.
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Multiplier Event ENGINE – August 2022
On 25 August 2022, CBE held the final event of the ENGINE project.
Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the topic of cybersecurity, especially for European SMEs, and to learn more about the validity of the project on this topic.
During the event, in fact, it was explained how ENGINE was created to raise awareness among SME entrepreneurs about the risks of digital dangers and the importance of proper prevention of cyber-attacks. Nowadays, in fact, proper cyber risk management and assessment are considered the cornerstones of a safe IT environment.
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Transnational project meeting INTEGRATE – July 2022
Last 6th of July, CBE met the INTEGRATE project partners again in the Transnational Project Meeting hosted in Leipzig, Germany, by Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gGmbH.
During the meeting, the partnership verified the state of the different Intellectual Outputs of the project and discussed the next steps to proceed and complete them.
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Transnational Kick Off Meeting BEYOND CAPITAL – July 2022
On 7th July, CBE attended the first meeting of the Beyond Capital project.
The meeting was hosted by the Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce, at their premises in Valletta.
The meeting was attended by all project partners: Italian Chamber of Commerce in Malta, Malta Stock Exchange plc, Exeo Lab Srl, Geoinnova, Synthesis, The European Center for Social Finance.
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Learning, Teaching, Training Activity INTEGRATE – July 2022
Between 28th June and 1st July 2022, the training event for the KA2 Erasmus+ project INTEGRATE -Storytelling to Promote Migrants Entrepreneurship – took place in Offida, Italy.
The project aims to promote the social inclusion of migrants, through entrepreneurial training, with a focus on storytelling techniques, in order to provide additional value to migrants’ entrepreneurial experience and skills.
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Transnational Kick Off Meeting FIRST – June 2022
On 21st June 2022, the kick-off meeting of the FIRST – Foundations Fundraiser and Storyteller project was held.
The meeting was held at the offices of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Sweden in Stockholm, where all other project partners participated together with CBE: Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, Centro Emphasys, FOQUS – Spanish Quarter Foundation, Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gGmbH, i-strategies, DomSpain – Educational and Technological Services.
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Transnational Final Meeting MARHER – June 2022
On 13th June 2022, the last meeting of the MARHER project took place.
Hosted by the Danish-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen, the meeting was an opportunity to discuss the results achieved.
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Multiplier Event SYNOPSIS e MARHER – June 2022
On 10th June, the final conference of the two projects SYNOPSIS and MARHER took place, where CBE, together with its international partnership, addressed the topic of storytelling from a cultural and business perspective.
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Transnational Final Meeting SYNOPSIS – June 2022
On 9th June 2022, CBE had the pleasure of hosting the final meeting of the SYNOPSIS – cultural Heritage project at its offices in Brussels. The meeting was held in hybrid mode, with the presence of the partners Musei Reali di Torino, EOLAS and Eurogeo and the online participation of Fondazione Ente Ville Vesuviane and IDEC S.A.
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Transnational project meeting EEE – June 2022
Between the 8th and 9th of June, the Energy Efficiency Expert project (EEE) held a hybrid format meeting from Ljubljana, Slovenia, coordinated by Institut “Jožef Stefan”.
During this meeting, the partnership discussed and Finalized the CV of the Energy-efficiency expert, which corresponds to the first intellectual output of the project.
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