Transnational project meeting e-VET4AI

21 September 2022

Last 14 of September, the e-VET4AI partnership met in person for the first time at Zarautz, Basque country, in the Second transnational Meeting of the project, organized by HETEL.

Thanks to this meeting, the partnership discussed in person the status of the project and the two first project results, which will create the e-VET Self-Assessment Tool (e-VET SAT) for Digital Proficiency and the e-VETrainers Platform and App respectively.

As well, the partnership had the chance to discuss the future steps of this project that aims to provide new digital tools to trainers active in mechanical training courses in the development of new digital skills and confidence in the use of new teaching methodologies.

If you want to follow the last progress of these objectives, please visit the e-VET4AI website and don’t miss out the published newsletters of the project available on the e-VET4AI project board of our website.