In-depth newsletters on European topics

Newsletters are a specific information service on European topics. The newsletters are produced at the customer’s precise request and indication on European topics of specific interest to the customer (e.g. primary sector, structural funds, third sector). The specific content and frequency of the information is determined in consultation with the customer; a “zero newsletter” is produced to verify adherence to the customer’s needs and to quantify the cost of the product. The agreement for the provision of the newsletter service has a duration of one year, but can be adapted to specific requests.


Target group – Who?

Organisations that want a specific in-depth study of European topics of interest to them, including companies, public administrations, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), universities or individuals wishing to access European funding directly, or intermediaries such as banks, consultancy firms or trade associations acting on behalf of third parties.


Advantages – Why?

Constant updating on European opportunities and dynamics

Adherence of the information provided to the client’s information needs

Customisation of the newsletter according to specific needs

Information provided is from primary sources and validated by CBE


For more information, please fill in our contact form. Once you have requested the service, you will be contacted by our experts who will send you a form to fill out in order to better meet your requirements.