Domiciliation – Having a base in Brussels

The ‘domiciliation’ service is provided at the CBE facility in two ways:

Domiciliation “Light” which includes:
•  The possibility of using the meeting room for a maximum of one day per month agreed in advance with CBE, and communicated at least fifteen days before use. On these occasions it will be possible to use the internet (wi-fi) and electricity; days not used cannot be carried over to the following month.

•  The possibility of using the coffee facilities provided by CBE in the meeting room (coffee machine, coffee pods, sugar, coffee cups, small palettes, paper napkins, water for meetings, glasses) on the days of attendance at CBE’s premises.

•  The possibility of placing a plaque at the office entrance and on the letterbox to receive any mail. The manner in which the plaques are affixed is at the discretion of CBE and agreed with the client.

“Full” Domiciliation:

•  As provided by the “Light” version

•  Continuous provision of a PC workstation, with Internet access and use of printer (100 copies per week, b&w).


Target group – Who?

Companies, public administrations, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), universities or individuals interested in having a domicile in Brussels.


Advantages – Why?

Low costs

Italian-speaking staff

CBE support if needed


For more information, please fill in our contact form. Once you have requested the service, you will be contacted by our experts who will send you a form to fill out in order to better meet your requirements.