MeetEurope is a service related to European Union policies and funding programmes, designed to provide assistance to companies and public administrations interested in broadening their horizons and exploiting the opportunities offered by the European Union.

The service encompasses a range of activities including:

 The preparation of newsletters on European issues

 The analysis of opportunities offered by the European Union

 Assistance in organising events/seminars/workshops in Brussels and Italy

 Training and legislative monitoring services on specific topics

 The possibility of domiciliation in Brussels at the CBE’s premises

 The drafting of manuals, guides and vademecums on European topics of interest (Innovation, Tourism, Agriculture, SMEs, Universities, E-business and Internationalisation)


Requesting MEET EUROPE’s services is easy!

For more information, please fill in our contact form. Once you have requested the service, you will be contacted by our experts who will send you a form to fill in to better meet your needs.