Let Her In International Network Event Tbilisi

17 june 2024 CBE's Participation in the LET HER IN International Networking Event in Tbilisi On June 11th and 12th, CBE had the pleasure of participating in the LET HER IN International Networking Event, hosted by Umbrellageo in Tbilisi, Georgia. This prestigious event brought together experts and international partners from Europe and beyond to discuss and advance gender equality initiatives. Advancing Gender Equality: LET HER IN's Mission and Focus Areas LET HER IN, a European NGO, is dedicated to uniting public and private organizations to create stronger, high-quality initiatives that promote gender equality across all sectors. The event provided a fantastic opportunity for CBE to connect with like-minded organizations, share our goals and values, and explore new international collaborations. The LET HER IN International Networking Event focused on four key thematic areas: Spotting opportunities and vision for inclusion in the ... >

Transnational Final Project Meeting OFFSET

29 April 2024 Celebrating the Successful Conclusion of the OFFSET Project: Final Discussions and Future Directions On April 22nd, the OFFSET Project partnership meet together for the final transnational project meeting at CBE’s premises in Brussels. The event was attended by the whole partnership and was characterized by the enthusiastic participation from all members. This meeting marks the conclusion of a fruitful two-year journey of project implementation. The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to discuss the last aspects of the project, focusing on final reporting activities and the coordination of remaining tasks as we approach the project's conclusion phase. Two Years of Achievements The OFFSET Project began with the ambitious goal of enhancing digital and entrepreneurial skills among handcrafting entrepreneurs and artisans. Over the past two years, we have successfully implemented and delivered valuable outcomes and tools that are now ... >

OFFSET Multiplier Event

22 April 2024 Conclusion of the OFFSET Project: Towards a Digital and Entrepreneurial Craft Community During the OFFSET Project Multiplier Event, held on April 19, participants had the opportunity to explore the key milestones of this ambitious two-year project, which began in March 2022 and concluded in April 2024. The event provided an overview, illustrating the project's evolution from its inception to the realization of its main objectives. The presentation examined the tools developed within the OFFSET project, including an interactive learning platform, a set of self-assessment tools for the digitalization of the craft sector, and specific educational materials for VET (vocational education and training) trainers. These tools are designed to facilitate the digital transformation of craft entrepreneurs, equipping them with the necessary digital skills to become true digital artisans. Success of the OFFSET Project Multiplier Event The event also ... >

Transnational Kickoff Meeting CODE

  29 April 2024 A Kickoff meeting held in Nice Last 23rd of April the CODE "aCcessibility of financial services for persons with DisabilitiEs” project officially started. The latest CBE’s Key Action 2 Erasmus+ project of 32 months. Bringing together 8 partners from 6 European countries to foster the inclusion of persons with disabilities by improving their access to financial services. The Kickoff meeting was held in the stunning city of Nice, where partners had the opportunity to meet each other, and organize the first steps of A 32-month project with an inclusive objective: Integration and financial accessibility For the next 32 months CODE project will focus on its main objective: to foster the inclusion of persons with disabilities by improving their access to financial services, facilitating and supporting the support the transition of inclusive models and approaches to the ... >

Exploring the European Union and Common Values Course

  ​13 May 2024 Conclusion of the Course "Exploring the European Union and Common Values" On May 7, 2024, the course "Exploring the European Union and Common Values" successfully concluded, begun on March 25, 2024, at the middle schools of the Mons. Andrea Fiore Institute in Cuneo and the Archè Institute in Mondovì. This program, designed for second and third-year students of lower secondary schools, offered a valuable opportunity to explore various topics related to the European Union. During the course, students attended two lessons conducted by Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe and then completed a group project. The lessons offered a detailed overview of the origins, objectives, and fundamental values of the European Union. Topics covered included the history of the EU, its institutions, the EU economy and policies, fundamental rights, and current priorities, with a focus on climate change ... >

Transnational Kick off Meeting AGORA

18 March 2024 WINE: Innovative Network and Tourism Experiences’ Promotion On March 13 2024, Coopération Bancaire pour l'Europe hosted the kick-off meeting of the WINE project at its headquarters in Brussels. The meeting saw the participation of all WINE project partners, including Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe, the Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, DomSpain - Educational and Technological Services, the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals, CIOFS-FP Piemonte ETS, Neh Experience, and Prios Kompetanse AS. The WINE project aims to raise awareness about sustainable winemaking practices and harmonize vocational education and training (VET) skills. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the wine tourism sector through innovative approaches and collaborations among various European partners. Project Overview: Key Activities and Milestones During the event, the foundations were laid for a series of crucial activities. The partners discussed project management methods and financial reporting. The consortium also ... >

Transnational Final Meeting FIRST

5 February 2024 CBE Concludes FIRST Foundations' Fundraiser and Storyteller Project in Napoli, Italy From the 29th to 31st of January, CBE traveled to Napoli, Italy on the occasion of the final transnational project meeting of FIRST “Foundations' Fundraiser and Storyteller” project, marking the end of this project that aims to boost the role of foundations and third sector associations by combining storytelling, fundraising and digital literacy skills, creating the curriculum of a new figure able to add financial, cultural and social values to foundations. After two years of straight collaboration between partners, who collaborated and worked hard to achieve the project objectives, FIRST comes to an end, working collaboratively one more time, demonstrating the strong bond formed over two years of effort with the assignment of the final tasks and responsibilities to ensure the project's conclusion.   A meeting ... >