Exploring the European Union and Common Values Course


​13 May 2024

Conclusion of the Course “Exploring the European Union and Common Values”

On May 7, 2024, the course “Exploring the European Union and Common Values” successfully concluded, begun on March 25, 2024, at the middle schools of the Mons. Andrea Fiore Institute in Cuneo and the Archè Institute in Mondovì. This program, designed for second and third-year students of lower secondary schools, offered a valuable opportunity to explore various topics related to the European Union.

During the course, students attended two lessons conducted by Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe and then completed a group project. The lessons offered a detailed overview of the origins, objectives, and fundamental values of the European Union. Topics covered included the history of the EU, its institutions, the EU economy and policies, fundamental rights, and current priorities, with a focus on climate change and digital transition.


Students’ Commitment to Promoting European Values

Students worked in groups to create a manifesto expressing European values and how these can be promoted in their school or city. In the final meeting, the groups presented their work, demonstrating remarkable commitment and interest. The active participation and quality of the presentations highlighted a deep understanding and internalization of the values of active citizenship promoted by the course.

This educational path represented an important opportunity for educational and civic growth for the students, helping to shape aware and responsible citizens. The course not only expanded the students’ knowledge of the European Union but also promoted values of active citizenship and social participation, essential for their development as future citizens.