Let Her In International Network Event Tbilisi

17 june 2024

CBE’s Participation in the LET HER IN International Networking Event in Tbilisi

On June 11th and 12th, CBE had the pleasure of participating in the LET HER IN International Networking Event, hosted by Umbrellageo in Tbilisi, Georgia. This prestigious event brought together experts and international partners from Europe and beyond to discuss and advance gender equality initiatives.

Advancing Gender Equality: LET HER IN’s Mission and Focus Areas

LET HER IN, a European NGO, is dedicated to uniting public and private organizations to create stronger, high-quality initiatives that promote gender equality across all sectors.

The event provided a fantastic opportunity for CBE to connect with like-minded organizations, share our goals and values, and explore new international collaborations.

The LET HER IN International Networking Event focused on four key thematic areas:

  1. Spotting opportunities and vision for inclusion in the study and workplace
  2. Leadership skillset development
  3. Creativity in discovering solutions to challenges in youth work
  4. Ethical and sustainable thinking

During the event, participants engaged in a variety of scheduled activities, including insightful discussions on tender opportunities and international cooperation calls.

The event also featured dynamic networking sessions, providing attendees with ample opportunities to connect, share ideas, and explore potential collaborations to further gender equality initiatives.

Building Networks and Collaborations for a Gender-Equal Future

CBE enjoyed exchanging ideas with all participants and is eager to continue building robust networks with partners committed to enhancing gender equality and equal access opportunities for all through various initiatives. This event was a perfect platform for such collaborations, and we are enthusiastic about the future possibilities it has opened up.

To discover more about LET HER IN’s mission, visit the website.