Transnational Final Meeting FIRST

5 February 2024

CBE Concludes FIRST Foundations’ Fundraiser and Storyteller Project in Napoli, Italy

From the 29th to 31st of January, CBE traveled to Napoli, Italy on the occasion of the final transnational project meeting of FIRST “Foundations’ Fundraiser and Storyteller” project, marking the end of this project that aims to boost the role of foundations and third sector associations by combining storytelling, fundraising and digital literacy skills, creating the curriculum of a new figure able to add financial, cultural and social values to foundations.

After two years of straight collaboration between partners, who collaborated and worked hard to achieve the project objectives, FIRST comes to an end, working collaboratively one more time, demonstrating the strong bond formed over two years of effort with the assignment of the final tasks and responsibilities to ensure the project’s conclusion.


A meeting followed by a Multiplier Event

Following this productive meeting, the Italian Multiplier Event took place, bringing together a wide range of relevant stakeholders in engaging discussions, who had the opportunity to know better FIRST, and share insights and experiences gathered throughout the project, highlighting the collaborative spirit and shared goals of all involved.

The event was enriched by the valuable contributions of several key figures, whose insights and expertise significantly enhanced the discussions, providing a deeper understanding of the project’s impact and future potential.

  • Renato Quaglia, Director of FOQUS – Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli
  • Veronica Bertollini from Banca di Credito Popolare
  • Andrea Pastore from Fondazione della Comunità Salernitana
  • Tommaso d’Alterio from Fondazione Enrico Isaia e Maria Pepillo Onlus
  • Giovanna Binetti from Fondazione Angelo Affinita ONLUS


The conclusion of a project to boost the future European foundations

The journey of the FIRST Foundations’ Fundraiser and Storyteller Project has been a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision. As we move forward, the tools and insights gained from this project will continue to support and enhance the work of foundations across Europe.

To know more about FIRST, have a look to the project website at FIRST website.