Banco Azzoaglio

"At one point our bank was better known in California than in Italy". The motto dates back to the period of the great migration of Italians to the United States. The Cebani, the inhabitants of Ceva, were almost all expatriated to the California Sun and at that time bank remittances were made at Banco Azzoaglio. Ceva is a Centre of 5,500 inhabitants, nestled between the first mountains, those that separate the province of Cuneo in Piedmont from that of Savona in Liguria. And here in 1879, this bank lived and prospered, still today in the hands of the family of the same name, now in its fourth generation. "If we have resisted for over a century, it is because the bank has always been well integrated into the cultural and entrepreneurial fabric of the area. We also believe in our ... >

Fondazione Luigi Clerici

Fondazione Luigi Clerici is a private non-profit organization, established in 1972 and operating in Italy with its 19 branches by providing training services for people, companies and social organizations. Its aims are: contributing to social and professional inclusion in the labour market by paying special attention to disadvantage groups (elderly people, migrants, people with special needs, long term unemployed people, etc), promoting training courses according to the current needs of the labor market, promoting the right to study and work of each citizen FLC is mainly founded by regional, national public funds and by the European Social Funds. The training services of FLC are characterized by innovation and integration of the training processes (planning, tutoring, coordinating, guidance and information). These services are performed by internal qualified human resources and eventually supported by specialists.  Hence it is possible to grant a ... >


The social structure of Coopération Bancaire Pour l'Europe CBE-GEIE consists of:

Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Spagna

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Spain (CCIS) is a non-profit association consisting of Italian and Spanish professionals. Founded in 1914 and recognized by the Italian Government under the law 01/07/1970 nº 518, the Chamber has its headquarter in Madrid, with delegations in Valencia, Vigo and Sevilla, and local offices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Coruña, Oviedo and Burgos. Nowadays, after more than 100 years of activity, the Chamber keeps on playing a crucial role in the commercial and economic relationships between Spain and Italy, providing a wide range of services regarding consultancy, commercial promotion, training assistance and logistical and administrative support. The Chamber is a member of Assocamerestero, the Association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, represented by 58 chambers in 54 countries, for a total of 18.000 associated enterprises. The Chamber’s added valued corresponds ... >

Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese

The Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association founded in May 1990. On 5th October 1992 ita was endorsed by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, by the Luxembourg Ministry for external affairs and by the Italian embassy in Luxembourg. Over the years the Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce has become the main partner for Italian enterprises that operate in Luxembourg and for public entities willing to promote local products and services in Europe. The Italian-Louxembourg Chamber of Commerce is very attentive to the quality of its product and has an ISO 9001 certification.

Camera di Commercio Belgo-Italiana

The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association under Belgian law and is legally and financially autonomous. It was founded in 1950 to foster contacts between Belgium and Italy. Its resources come mainly from contributions of its members and from the benefit of its activities. The Chamber is recognized by the Italian Government under the law 01.07.1970 n.518 and certified ISO 9001. It is part of the Assocamerestero, the Italian Chambers of Commerce Association abroad, composed by 76 Chambers worldwide. It is located in the center of Brussels near the European Institutions. The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is the point of reference par excellence for any company willing to promote its own business and widen its network in Italy and in Belgium. The Chamber indeed offers a wide range of promotional services, assistance and consultancy, which represents an advantage for its ... >

Unione Fiduciaria

Unione Fiduciaria was set up in 1958 by 8 banks. Over the years other banks and their Holdings joined the company and its activity was considerably increased and diversified. Nowadays, Unione Fiduciaria delivers not only trustsheep services, but also consulting services aimed to better support its clients. the main seat of the company is in Milan, but Unione Fiduciaria has an operative office also in Rome. Moreover, to deliver its services Unione Fiduciaria can counts on the agencies of the associated banks, which assure a widespread presence all over the Italian territory. Moreover, thanks to the conclusion of several partnership agreement, Unione Fiduciaria is able to provide assistance and consulting services also at international level.