Third Transnational Project Meeting SCALE-UP

23 January 2024

A meeting held at the corner of the Mediterranean sea!

Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe attended the SCALE-UP’s third partnership meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus on Friday, January 19th.

This transnational project meeting brought together the complete partnership to discuss and plan the upcoming development of the project tools.

In fact, the project outputs aim is to enhance the competencies of talented potential social entrepreneur women who desire to start their associations and companies, boosting their possibilities and chances of being successful in the sector!

Discussing the Tools and outputs to boost social entrepreneurs women

This prolific transnational project meeting was essential to jointly decide how to proceed in defining key aspects of the project’s outputs, particularly the MOOCs, that will enhance a favorable environment for learning, networking, facilitating knowledge acquisition!

The interactive Library software, that will collect and classify different materials identified for learning!

Best cases and training and support organizations Atlas, with over 60 best cases collection of inspiring successful stories and organizations.

A Self-Assessment test software to evaluate users’ acquisition of experience and knowledge.

The discussions of the meeting were centered in intending to ensure the engagement and innovation ingredient of these practical resources that will positively contribute to deploy the creativity and great ideas of our target group, and favorize the social entrepreneurship ecosystem with a female focus.

Do you want to know more about social entrepreneurship?

Visit SCALE-UP’s website regularly and have a look to these useful outputs as soon as are published! All the materials and resources will be available completely free of charge!