Learning, Teaching, Training Activity MARHER

2 May 2022

Between 25 and 29 April 2022 the MARHER project partnership spent 5 days in the beautiful town of Offida for the project’s teaching and learning activities.

I-strategies innovation, a project partner, hosted the HeritageMarketing interactive workshop, a learning activity aimed at testing the didactic materials produced by the project to train new professionals able to use the heritage of their territories and companies to promote brands and products.

The teaching activities proposed were many and varied: gamified lessons, guided tours, frontal lectures and interactive storytelling, which enabled the students on the course to learn about numerous success stories.

Thanks to the availability of the Silvio Meletti Company – Distillery, the students of the MARHER project were able to visit the factory that produces the famous Anisetta, the typical aniseed-based liqueur of the Piceno area.

The visit allowed the participants to immerse themselves in the history of the Meletti family, from the foundation of the company to its evolution during the 20th century, understanding first-hand the impact that family heritage and tradition still have today in promoting the products and the brand worldwide.

In the course of the activities, the students of the MARHER project had the opportunity to visit Sonosphera, the advanced technological installation located at the Pesaro Civic Museums, which allowed them to enter a completely new dimension, in deep contact with the Italian artistic heritage and in particular with the magnificent frescoes of the Stanza della Segnatura, by the Urbino painter Raffaello Sanzio.

Thanks to these testimonies, it was possible to deepen some of the principles of Heritage Marketing present in the educational materials produced, and to see their concrete application both in the life of a historical Italian company and in the intersection of art, history and technology in the enjoyment of the cultural heritage of a territory.