PROJECT ID: 2017-1-MT01-KA202-026973
TIMELINE: 09/2017 – 08/2019

The project identifies three main skills areas to be improved:

1) Entrepreneurial skills to seize the opportunities of circular economy processes, focused on the food sector

2) Management skills to ensure preparation to deal with adaptation and changes in the phases of re-directing the classical economy model toward a green/circular/sustainable integrated system

3) Core skills such as ability to learn and to innovate;

The ENFOrCES project aims at covering the gap in those fields primarily by empowering the trainers of future entrepreneurs but also enhancing the knowledge of policy makers by supplying counseling material for policy-makers inspiring them to enable better conditions to change production, transport and market paradigms.

The project will reach different category of persons, in particular professionals coming from, green enterprises startup incubators and accelerators, universities and research centers, VET and Higher education suppliers, Development agencies for an estimated total of 400 participants reached by the project.



The main objective of the project are:

To encourage the creation of new startup with a business model based on circular economy.

Train the trainers: Producing a collection of best practices and educational materials to teach the business coaches how to lead potential startups into the Circular Economy field, helping them to create and subsequently solidify their business.

Improve the institutional ecosystem for startups focused on circular economy sensitizing policy makers to design a better legislation, collecting good practices to be disseminated across Europe.

Deepen your knowledge of startup creation trend locally based circular economy, with focus in the main sectors.



The expected results of the project are:

The design and development of a Smart trend Map of circular economy startups creation in Europe with a focus on food related business

The design and development of a conceptual Mindmap of best practices and open access material on Circular Economy entrepreneurship, focusing on startups cases

The elaboration and development of a toolkit of training materials to help Startup trainers/ Entrepreneurial Coaches supporting new entrepreneurs in the field of CE with a focus on food business opportunities

Data collection and development of a Policy Library to gather policy advices from partners and stakeholders to the benefit of policy makers and stakeholders