Second Transnational Project Meeting SCALE UP

27 July 2023

The second transnational meeting defined the next activities for the Scale-up project.

The second transnational meeting, held on July 12, 2023 in Ancona and hosted by The Hive Business Accelerator, marked a significant step in the Scale-up project. Successfully coordinated, the event focused its efforts on the refinement of the course dedicated to women active in social entrepreneurship, as well as the trainers and business coaches who will support them in their journey to increase competitiveness and visibility.

The main objective of the course is to facilitate participation in vocational training, offering support to women entrepreneurs in accessing financing and expanding their financial skills. During the meeting, significant steps were taken in defining the course content and materials, which aim to provide women entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in the social business environment.

Important progress in the creation of ATLAS.

Another crucial aspect that emerged during the meeting was the creation of the ATLAS, a collection of best practices and best cases from each of the Scale-up project partners. By sharing experiences and successes related to their own countries, including Italy, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus and Lithuania, the partners laid the groundwork to provide social entrepreneurs with a valuable network of support and inspiration for their activities.

ATLAS was designed as a key tool for the MOOC platform, from which women entrepreneurs will be able to access specialized trainings on social entrepreneurship. This valuable repository will include information on support organizations, training opportunities and success stories, thus creating a virtual environment rich in useful resources for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

All developments and outputs of the Scale-up project will soon be accessible on the dedicated website, ensuring effective dissemination of information and increased visibility for social entrepreneurship initiatives. The partners’ joint efforts in defining and pursuing these common goals promises to make the Scale-up project a catalyst for growth and support for women entrepreneurs across Europe.