Second Transnation Project Meeting AGORA

7 November 2023

A transnational meeting on regenerative tourism for the AGORA project

On 2 November, a transnational meeting was held in Nicosia, hosted by Eurosuccess Consulting. Here, project partners had the opportunity to explore the culture, urban spaces and cuisine that the Cypriot capital has to offer, making it a popular tourist destination for its rich history and hospitality. Nicosia was not only an optimal destination for the AGORA meeting, but is a perfect example of the richness and potential of local tourism.

Can tourism activities benefit tourist sites?

The central element of the meeting was the reflection of the potential benefits of tourism activities in the territories. This resulted in an engaging and passionate discussion, with participants exploring in detail how such activities can contribute positively and significantly to the growth and well-being of tourist destinations.

Taking stock of future activities

During the meeting, the partners defined the next activities and deadlines for the months to come. The last actions were completed regarding the realisation of interviews and country profiles, useful to know the opportunities, the richness and, at the same time, the fragilities of regenerative tourism in the various partner countries. In parallel, the first steps were taken towards the creation of the Sustainability Guide and the formulation of the content grid of the training modules intended for community partners and local tourism agents. This is intended to support tourist agents in increasing their skills and capacity to respond to contemporary challenges imposed by the need for sustainability in tourism.