Second Learning Training and Teaching Activity OFFSET

22 January 2024

The digitalization and entrepreneurship for handcrafting VET sector specialists meet in in Cyprus!

From the 16th to the 18th the OFFSET project partnership meet again in Nicosia, Cyprus, to participate in the second Learning Training and Teaching Activity (LTTA) of the project hosted by Emphasys Centre!

These productive days provided a valuable opportunity to closely examine the learning materials, modules, and tools created by the project during these 2 years of hard work!

By rigorously testing and reviewing these resources, the partnership aimed to bridge the existing digital and entrepreneurial knowledge gaps for VET trainers and business coaches specializing in the handcrafting sector.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Emphasys Centre for organizing this productive encounter.

A complete course designed for handcraft entrepreneurs with a focus on digitalization

This online course, avaiable in English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Dutch, and French has been specifically designed to empower VET trainers and business coaches specializing in handcrafting by providing them with essential digital and entrepreneurial skills!

By addressing the unique challenges faced by these professionals, the course aims to enhance their teaching methodologies and business strategies, ultimately fostering greater success and innovation in the handcrafting industry.

Feel free to check all the tools developed by the project at: