Religious Congregations Event: The Management of Financial Resources, Tools for an ethical and effective approach.

16 October 2023

CBE Unveils European Financial Opportunities for Religious Congregations in Rome Conference

The Project Managers of CBE moved to Rome on October 12th, gracing the esteemed conference, “Religious Congregations and the Management of Financial Resources: Tools for an ethical and effective approach.” Hosted at the prestigious Pontificia Università Lateranense and organized by Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

An event that served as a beacon for ethical financial management within religious institutions

CBE’s experts seized the opportunity to shed light on European opportunities beneficial for Religious Congregations globally. Their insights, presented amidst a gathering of over a hundred participants, resonated both in-person and across online platforms, marking the conference a resounding success.

Expressing gratitude for the engagement received, the CBE team highlighted their commitment to bridging European resources with local religious contexts. Their unwavering dedication toward this endeavour underscores a drive to foster ethical and effective financial approaches within diverse religious communities worldwide.

The Rome conference stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving ethical financial management discussions. CBE’s active participation reinforces the importance of global cooperation and shared knowledge in fortifying the financial sustainability of Religious Congregations.

In essence, this event marks a pivotal moment, fostering dialogue, exchanging insights, and paving the way for enhanced financial sustainability in religious institutions worldwide. CBE’s role in unveiling European opportunities signifies a continued dedication to ethical financial practices, echoing the importance of collective efforts in this crucial domain.