Multiplier Event BEYOND CAPITAL

25 September 2023

Last 22 of September CBE carried out at its premises in Brussels the Belgian Multiplier Event of the Beyond Capital project.

The Beyond Capital project aims to reduce the risk of failure of social economy start-ups by;

Offering advanced financial training for social entrepreneurs and managers working in social enterprises;

disseminating advanced knowledge on the supply of finance, promoting sustainable funding opportunities for the social enterprises;

by promoting a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial culture.

Thanks to this inspiring event the attendants were presented with an invaluable chance to explore the multifaceted potentialities inherent in social entrepreneurship, gaining insights not only into its vast array of possibilities but also into the overarching objectives and the tangible, impactful outcomes yielded by the project.

In fact, the audience was very interested in the project and the work carried by the partnership, conformed by the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce, Synthesis center for research and education, Malta Stock Exchange Institute Ltd, Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL, Exeo Lab Srl and The European Center for Social Finance (ECSF UG) during these last two years.