Maria Ausiliatrice meets Europe!

10 October 2022

Last Monday, 3rd October, CBE had the pleasure of inaugurating, together with CIOFS-FP Piemonte, the introductory session of the course MeetEuropa “Maria Ausiliatrice meets Europe!” at the Maria Ausiliatrice Institute of Turin.

During this introductory session, Caterina Bortolaso and Filippo Pelissero, Project Manager at CBE, presented the four modules of the course.

The objective of the partnership between CBE and CIOFS-FP Piemonte is to train high school students in the workings of the European Union, offering a first knowledge about European-funded projects and other European Union funding opportunities, in the spirit of active and participative citizenship.

Silvana Rasello, president of CIOFS-FP Piemonte, and Filippo Buzio, headmaster of the Maria Ausiliatrice High School, commented on the importance for young people to become aware of all the opportunities that the European house offers, especially at a time when the spirit that animated the founding fathers of the European Union is waning and the will to defend shared values is being threatened daily.