GarEurope is a consultancy service for access to a database of European tenders, in the sector of interest to the client, published in the Official Journal of the European Union, Series S (OJ S). Tenders are published by local and national public authorities as well as supranational bodies such as the European Commission and its specialised agencies.

The CBE staff offers dedicated assistance to the client at every stage of using the TED platform, from setting the search parameters for tenders to in-depth analysis of individual tenders of particular interest. Please note that the platform provides a summary sheet in Italian for each tender notice, while the detailed sheet and tender specifications will be almost exclusively in the national language of the contracting authority’s country.

CBE offers assistance to GarEurope customers in finding tender specifications in the original language and in the first understanding of tenders of particular interest. CBE also offers additional services for a fee, such as translation of documentation and assistance in the submission of tenders, subject to a quote request.

The customer who chooses GarEurope can make use of two types of service:

• GarEurope Base: accompanying the customer in registering with TED, identifying the CPV codes of interest and explaining how to find documentation and participate in tenders. This service is provided through a 1-hour web seminar, offered by telephone or video conference, in which the customer is introduced to the TED portal, its functionalities and management methods. The seminar is supplemented by 5 hours of helpdesk (to be used within 1 year), which can be used by the customer for any questions concerning the portal and individual tenders. In addition, a number of information materials (guide, video presentation) will be produced to help the customer understand the service.

The service is accompanied by a basic statistical analysis of how many tenders have been published in a year in the client’s sector, with a breakdown by country and by specific CPV code. The customer will thus be able to understand how much their product or service is in demand on the procurement market and which countries are most active.

• GarEurope Premium: in addition to the basic service, CBE will select the most interesting tenders on a monthly basis, with a detailed analysis of the tender content. The Premium version guarantees greater customisation of the service and allows the client to receive tenders selected by CBE staff. At least 10 tenders will be flagged where available.

The service is accompanied by a premium statistical analysis in which, in addition to the basic statistical analysis, an overview of tender winners is offered through an analysis of 50 recent tender notices in the sectors and countries of interest to the client, with an indication of the value of the tenders awarded.


Target gorup – Who?

• Companies with an interest in participating in public tenders outside Italy. The enterprise should:

Produce goods or services of potential interest to a public administration. For companies producing goods, these should be finished products and not intermediate products (e.g. furniture and not wood laminates).

Be already active abroad and/or be structured to do so (e.g. staff speaking the language of the target country).

 Universities, research centres, non-governmental organisations, study centres and other related bodies interested in European tenders for studies, research and similar activities;

 Intermediaries such as banks, consultancy firms or trade associations operating in the fields of interest. For these types of customers, the service should be conveyed by the intermediary to its customers through its own internal information channels.


Advantages – Why?

 Reporting on selected tenders based on the contracting authority’s interest

 Advice in identifying the CPV codes needed to identify the client’s sector

 Advice in the identification of possible consultants and/or international partners useful for participation in tenders

 Retrieval of tender specifications and initial advice on tenders of particular interest (verification of the products or services required, analysis of the method of presentation of the offer, etc.)

 Personalised support in Italian


Requesting GAREUROPE’s services is easy!

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