Easy Europe

Easy Europe is a personalised consultancy service for writing and applying for European projects, complementary to CheckUp Europe. The service includes assistance in the submission of projects on various European funding programmes, such as Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Horizon Europe and Europe for Citizens.

Depending on the client’s needs, it may consist of the following services:

• Support in the construction of the project proposal and in the drafting of the official form, registration to the online portal and support in the production of the documentation: CBE will assist the client in the transformation of his project idea into a realistic European project on the basis of the elements concretely provided. The project idea will also be developed in line with the official form and on the basis of the European Commission’s objectives. In parallel, the applicant will be supported during the registration phase in the online participation system and in the production of the required administrative documentation.

• Partner Search: The service consists of the search, identification and contact of potential partners using its network; CBE, in fact, is able to identify possible European partners for any type of project.

• Project proposal translation from Italian into English: the client can provide the information and documentation in Italian using CBE’s translation service.

Services related to the management of a financed European project:

• Assistance to project management: CBE staff offer support to project management through timely responses to problems reported by the client regarding the financial and operational reporting of planned activities. In addition, project management assistance will support you in managing relations with the European Commission.

• Assistance in drafting the Report: CBE will support the client in drafting the mandatory report(s) required by the European Commission. The service is intended in cooperation with the client and on the basis of information provided by the latter. The cost of the service is intended to be linked to the drafting of a Project Report.


Target Group – Who?

Individuals who want to submit a European project but do not have the necessary skills/power to submit it themselves. Companies, public administrations, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), universities who want to access European funding directly, or intermediaries such as banks, consultancy firms or trade associations working on behalf of third parties.


Advantages – Why?

• Consultancy in the various stages of European projects using experts in the field at a lower than market cost

• Possibility of participating in European projects even if one does not have the in-house expertise

Advice on identifying international partners

Obtaining a non-reimbursable grant from the European Commission


Requesting the services of EASY EUROPA is easy!

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