PROJECT ID: 2021-1-MT01-KA220-VET-000033099
TIMELINE: 01/2022 – 01/2024

The Beyond Capital project aims to reduce the risk of failure of social economy start-ups. The project supports social entrepreneurs and early-stage managers in developing sound financial planning and providing them with all the elements to create a performing financial function. Furthermore, the project disseminates an in-depth knowledge of financial and banking market instruments, both traditional and more innovative ones, which offer answers to the specific needs of social enterprises and non-profit organisations.



The main objectives of the project are:

• Reducing the risk of failure of the newly established social economy enterprises, the economy that works for people;

• Offering advanced financial training for social entrepreneurs and managers working in social enterprises, cooperatives and nonprofit organisations, combining the knowledge necessary for business management and financial skills;

• Disseminating advanced knowledge on the supply of finance and promotes sustainable funding opportunities for the social enterprise;

• Promoting a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial culture intended as the ability to act in innovative and enterprising ways, especially when it comes to financial planning and management.



The expected results of the project are:

• Support the social economy ecosystem by providing a research report “Multi-method, iterative and user-centered needs assessment for the next generation of social enterprises”;

• Encouraging and upgrading the existing knowledge of social entrepreneurs in financial skills and sustainable financing tools and resources;

• Promote and enhance the proactive attitudes and approaches in the implementation of the financial function within the early-stage social enterprises;

• Provide the early-stage entrepreneurs and managers with advanced financial and budgeting know how to make their social enterprises more sustainable and performing;

• Provide assistance and supportive material to early-stage entrepreneurs and managers for creating a solid finance function and making the social business more sustainable and performing;

• Transfer solid knowledge, share insights, experience, methodologies, metrics, practical perspectives upon social and sustainable finance for trainers, teachers, mentors, coaches, educators, by delivering the “Open Guide for VET Providers”.