Storytelling and fundraising for Cultural Heritage professionals – SYNOPSIS

Storytelling and fundraising for Cultural Heritage professionals – SYNOPSIS

KA202 – Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Cultural heritage covers a variety of activities, which implies not only tangible material objects, but also a system of values, traditions, knowledge, and lifestyles that characterize a society. Article 167 of the Treaty on the Function of European Union (TFEU) underlines the necessity to protect and enhance the cultures of the Member State and the need to look after the common cultural heritage. There is therefore a renewed attention on the heritage sector at the EU level. Cultural heritage is increasingly seen as a fundamental resource of the European Union, since it improves not only the overall economic growth and employment, but also social cohesion and environmental sustainability. A better knowledge of the other cultures means an improved sense of understanding of what is different and an improved capacity to adapt and to deal with it. Moreover, the increased accessibility to cultural heritage contributes to build a sense of belonging and identity.
These are the reasons for which it is necessary to invest in the training, valorization, promotion and diffusion of cultural heritage.


The project’s objective is to identify key competences of a new professional, innovative and creative figure, able to make the most out of values and stories and increase their fundraising capacity: the cultural heritage storyteller and fundraiser. They are professionals able to communicate through narration the history and the identity of the cultural heritage site, highlighting the distinctive and positive aspects, is able to trigger a process of added value creation capable of increasing the ability to differentiate itself from others and increase its fundraising capacity. He/she should also be able to develop a sense of belonging and highly emotional bonds with the public. To foster the creation of such a new professional role, the project will propose the development of training materials encompassing different specific and transversal skills that are deemed crucial by the EU.

The specific objectives of this project are to define  a new professional figure: the Cultural Heritage Storyteller; to create a creative and innovative training able to support cultural heritage sites.
Another objectives are to improve employ-ability  of low-skilled and unemployed, young graduated in humanities and to improve the competitiveness of EU cultural and creative companies Iactive in the cultural and creative field by enhancing what characterizes and differentiates Europe from other continents and markets: its secular history.

The partnership

  • Musei Reali Torino (Italy)
  • Fondazione ente ville vesuviane (Italy)
  • EUROGEO VZW (Belgium)
  • EOLAS S.L. (Spain)

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