Foster blockchain acquisition for entrepeneurs – TRANSITION

Foster blockchain acquisition for entrepeneurs – TRANSITION

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Distributed ledger technologies have taken the world by storm in recent years mainly thanks to the rise in popularity of the cryptocurrencies, attracting huge sums of money and attention toward this field. While cryptocurrencies may be the interest of traders and financial brokers, the blockchain technology has almost immediately demonstrated to be potentially useful for a wide range of application on the market, giving birth to innovative products for startups or innovation in processes for existing SMEs. This trend is absolutely vital for EU as almost a quarter of blockchain based startups are based in the EU territory. The EU has already acknowledged the necessity of increased training for workers and entrepreneurs in a large spectrum of digital competences and Blockchain/DLT technologies are listed among those who need priority training and innovative approaches to the training, thus the necessity of training people not only from a simple technical perspective but also by giving the entrepreneurial base skills and competencies.


The goal of the project is to create and innovate educational materials on the theme of the Blockchain for three essential subjects of the entrepreneurial system: the potential founders of start-ups, the current entrepreneurs, and the trainers/trainers who work in business support organizations (accelerators, incubators, development support companies etc.). These three categories need to be updated with respect to new trends in technological innovations and the Blockchain. 

The project is therefore propose the development of teaching and learning material on the Blockchian, it lies the foundations for an entrepreneurial training course and it creates training material on the Blockchain intended for trainers, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The specific objectives of this project are to provide a type of integrated training for future entrepreneurs on distributed ledgerscon (dlt) technology together with basic entrepreneurial skills. The project wants furthermore improves the knowledge and training skills for start-up trainers/trainers, to bridge the competence gap on DLT and block chains and finally to expand the horizons for current entrepreneurs and raise their awareness of DLT and possible applications for business and innovation.


The partnership

  • Malta Stock Exchange Institute Ltd (Malta)
  • FVB S.R.L (Italy)
  • Lidi Smart Solutions (Netherlands)

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