Fondazione Luigi Clerici

Fondazione Luigi Clerici is a private non-profit organization, established in 1972 and operating in Italy with its 19 branches by providing training services for people, companies and social organizations. Its aims are:

  • contributing to social and professional inclusion in the labour market by paying special attention to disadvantage groups (elderly people, migrants, people with special needs, long term unemployed people, etc),
  • promoting training courses according to the current needs of the labor market,
  • promoting the right to study and work of each citizen

FLC is mainly founded by regional, national public funds and by the European Social Funds. The training services of FLC are characterized by innovation and integration of the training processes (planning, tutoring, coordinating, guidance and information). These services are performed by internal qualified human resources and eventually supported by specialists.  Hence it is possible to grant a highquality standard and to assure the actuation of the planned interventions.

Fondazione L. Clerici is a Vet Provider, formally recognized by Regione Lombardia for providing vocational training and employability services. It also works according to the Quality, Environmental and Safety System.