Unione Fiduciaria

Unione Fiduciaria was set up in 1958 by 8 banks. Over the years other banks and their Holdings joined the company and its activity was considerably increased and diversified. Nowadays, Unione Fiduciaria delivers not only trustsheep services, but also consulting services aimed to better support its clients. the main seat of the company is in Milan, but Unione Fiduciaria has an operative office also in Rome. Moreover, to deliver its services Unione Fiduciaria can counts on the agencies of the associated banks, which assure a widespread presence all over the Italian territory. Moreover, thanks to the conclusion of several partnership agreement, Unione Fiduciaria is able to provide assistance and consulting services also at international level.

Banca Alpi Marittime Credito Cooperativo Carrù

Banca Alpi Marittime Credito Cooperativo Carrù is located in the ancient medieval castle built around the year 1000, and acquired in 1977 by then Cassa Rurale ed Artigiana di Carrù (Rural and Artisan Saving Bank of Carrù). Since end of the restoration conducted during the 80s, the castle has become the Banca Alpi Marittime’s headquarter. The Banca Alpi Marittime was founded on June 4, 1899, with the denomination “Cassa Rurale di depositi e prestiti di Carrù” (Rural Bank of deposits and loans of Carrù). Notwithstanding the significant evolution that characterized its development during the years following the World War II, until 1971 it remained an individual organization covering 8 municipalities. From that year, it started to implement an expansionary policy that lead, in 1991, to the incorporation of the Cassa Rurale di Pamparato (Rural Bank of Pamparato)and the acquisition of the branches ... >

Banca Popolare di Lajatico

- Banca Popolare di Lajatico was founded on 14 Sptember 1884 by a group of partners led by mr. Guelfo Guelfi. This initaitive was part of the constitution of the "Society for people education", ideated by mr. guelfi to educate the people and fight illiteracy. Since the very beginning, Banca Popolare di Lajatico was considered by the partners and local inhabitants as a powerful resource and as a key element to foster local economic development. After world war II, during the economic boom, the activity of the bank increased considerably, starting investing in several fields and becoming one of the main bank of its territory (Toscany).

Banca Popolare del Lazio

- La Banca Popolare del Lazio realizzata nel 1994, come sviluppo dell’originaria Banca Popolare Pio X fondata nel 1904, contribuisce alla vita economica del territorio regionale, supportando con i propri prodotti e servizi le famiglie e le imprese;vicina ai clienti nelle loro esigenze e nelle sfide operative che debbono affrontare, fonda su saldi principi la ricerca di servizi e prodotti che rendano sereno il presente e realizzabili i progetti futuri. La Banca Popolare del Lazio realizza la sua operatività con 56 filiali nelle provincie regionali, un servizio di “Private Banking” ed un efficiente rete di promotori finanziari, la sua rete operativa, snella ed efficace negli anni, ha permesso una crescita progressiva fondata sulla relazione di “lungo periodo” che ha procurato soddisfazione nella clientela e nei soci. Grazie ad un ampio e diversificato ventaglio di prodotti e di partner, anche di ... >

Banca Popolare di Bari

Ever since the first bank counter opened to the public in 1960, through the initiative of Luigi Jacobini and 76 other members, no one would have thought that within a few decades a strong, dynamic and well-rooted enterprise would have been established in the region. After 50 years of banking service, Banca Popolare di Bari has earned the right to claim the role of being a pivotal credit institution in the southern Italian region. Thanks to ongoing acquisitions and strategically targeted choices, BPB has become progressively consolidated and is making its way into various Italian territories, including the northern regions. Proof of its growth is the most recent goal reached by BPB: the purchase of 43 new bank counters in the South-Central territory, tapping an increase in capital of 150 million euro, which confirms the courage, aggressiveness and dynamism that ... >

Banca di Credito Popolare

- With 67 branches, which constitute a network that is strongly rooted in the territory , over 4,600 members, more than 600 employees and about 130,000 clients, Banca di Credito Popolare has a role in promoting the development of the territories where it operates. Thanks to the strong local presence, the knowledge and awareness of its customers and the wide availability of innovative products and services, Banca di Credito Popolare it is a trustworthy partner for every credit need of private operators and enterprises.

Banca Popolare di Sondrio

- Founded in 1871, Banca Popolare di Sondrio is one of the first Italian banks inspired by the popular cooperative banking movement. Over time, through the gradual expansion of its activities and territorial presence, the bank acquired a supra regional dimension with the possibility of operating nationwide, while at the same time keeping strong ties to its original area. The bank can offer its customers (families, professionals, small and large companies, public institutions, etc.) services that will satisfy their every banking, financial or insurance need. Parallel to its primary banking activity, the bank also promotes cultural and social initiatives. Noteworthy for their prestige and interest is the organisation of events linked to the names of eminent personalities and a refined publishing activity. The bank's capital, which stands at around 925 million Euros, is shared between over 177,000 shareholders, most of whom are customers. On 31 ... >

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